Thursday, November 26, 2020

Supreme Court overrules New York coronavirus restrictions on houses of worship

 Yes, the plans of the government of New York to try to save a few thousand lives by restricting the number of people who can meet together for long periods of time in congregate settings (Church Services) have been thwarted by a Supreme Court decision to deny New York that kind of life-saving power.

Well folks, the people who made the restrictions in the first place are well aware of the dangers that congregating together during the pandemic and it becomes readily apparent that The Supreme Court doesn't really see the danger nor care about the safety, welfare and lives of New Yorkers.

By the way, this is Trumpfks Supreme Court .... the court that he recently stacked .... the court that now has a 6 to 3 Right Wing voting monopoly .... the court that will be a dangerous pain in the ass for most Americans for many years yet to come.

O.K., here is my "Take" on the Supreme Court's action to deny New York the right to save lives with restrictions on public assemblies:

Let the idiots who whine about their rights to mass together during a pandemic have the right to mass together during a pandemic and let them all rub elbows, and hug and kiss and handshake ... even copulate if they so desire ... and then let them all ... each and every one of the ignorant assholes,  catch the damned disease and go and let God sort them out.

That's my opinion.

Doesn't the Trumpfck SCOTUS understand that all those morons who go and huddle together in those congregate settings are not only placing themselves in danger of becoming infected, but are in worse danger of leaving those meetings and going back out onto the streets and into their homes and places of business to infect other people as well?


I know that the algorhythms will be blocking this one for sure because I am posting stuff that I believe will be of help to other people.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

The Right Wing Is Freaking Out Again!

 One of my greatest joys was harassing the radical right nut cases back in the days when they were all so damned sure that God was going to make sure Obama never got elected as president.  Back then they were just as obscenely devoted to their ridiculous ideals as they are today and today, I get to give them all a virtual kick in the ass once more as their little demi-god, Trump, prepares to get kicked out of the White House in January 2020!

Oh,they were so certain that God would make Trump triumphant in this fight to keep the White House! As usual,they were arrogant fools and now, the true spirit of the American People has risen against a would-be-tyrant and the political atmosphere is changing once again ... in favor of the Liberals and against the ridiculous political juveniles on the radical right.

Trump's lawyer, Sydney Powell was so confident that they were going to overturn the results of the election in favor of Trump with something they referred to as "Proveable Fraud."

Powell, as I understand it, is now history and no longer has anything to say about the outcome of the election.  Epic Right-Wing fail!

Another headline that I believe gave every radical Conservative a twinge in their anus read, "Amazing breaking news for President Trump as the 4 conservative Supreme Court Justices have now been reassigned to cover Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Georgia."

The upshot of that radical right-wing braggadocio was that those 4 justices declined to hear any of the lies that the Trumpies had hoped to sway them with.

At one time that Lawyer Powell had reportedly told somebody that they were getting ready to overturn election results in several states.

The up shot of that little braggery is that they didn't overturn any elections in any state.  Such unmitigated bullshit!

It is refreshing indeed to note that there is a power in America that actually ends up doing the right things for the country and in this case it was the fed-up-with-Trump voters who had enough of the shit and are ready for some sanity for a change.

Can We Breathe A Sigh Of Relief?

 Now that it is becoming clearer and clearer that President-Elect Biden has actually won the presidency (How many times can votes be recounted and prove anything amiss with the election?) is it possible for us all to relax a little bit and to breathe a sigh of relief?

The answer to that question is a resounding "No!"

We cannot breathe a sigh of relief because even though Joe did win the election and even though he will be moving into the White House in January, the horde of Trump-Supporting Goonies will never admit defeat, will never give an inch of cooperation to the new administration and will spend the next four years wallowing in their self-pity and insane unrequited anger over their impotence in losing.

I suspect that what we will see from the defeated Trump suckers over the next four years is resistance to everything the new president has to say or wants to do ... plenty of all kinds of ridiculous investigations, lots of lawsuits to halt anything he wants to get accomplished, lots of angry demonstrations in the streets, you know the drill ... we have seen all this kind of crap before .... The Internet will be loaded for the next four years with all kinds of asshole conspiracy theories and suppositions by people who love their deposed demi-god so much they would probably eat his dung if offered .... and they will most likely do everything they will do in the name of their perverted vision of Jesus ... or for the sake of being "Real Patriots."

As for me?  I am just happy that we might have dodged the fascist bullet this time around.

Trump tried his best to bend the results of an election to his own advantage ... and he failed!

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Giuliani And Powell Refuse To Reveal Evidence

 Giuliani and Powell keep on yelling about their supposedly undeniable evidence that the democrats rigged the 2020 presidential election but so far all they have done is claim to have the evidence.  They haven't revealed much or any of it on public media as far as I can tell ... It is like they want people who listen to them to believe them and to take their word for it all.

I think it is high time for those clowns to "Show and Tell" or to shut the fuck up!

But, of course, they can't "Show and Tell" because there is nothing there and everybody who  knows anything knows there is nothing there and that all such claims from the demented, frustrated and insanely rage-filled vindictive and vengeful radical right-wing nut cases are nothing more than frustrated political wet dreams and a crock of shit!

I find it intensely satisfying that all this fantasy "Evidence" that Rudy and his friends are droning on and on about is getting kicked out of almost every court they try to enter it into ... and the reason their "Evidence" is being shit-canned by the courts is that courts are usually honorable and work with the Law and not with the hyperventilated vomit of fabricated conjecture that a thoroughly frantic radical right-wing knuckle draggers are trying to present as "Irrefutable Evidence."

I feel sorry for the pitiful little amateur bloggers who believe all this propaganda from the Trump Administration because when the votes are all counted and when the coup that the president has been trying to pull off fails, all their nasty little diatribes and idiot-fodder blog posts and print media articles are going to be less valuable than the cheapest toilet paper.  These kinds of clods need to find themselves a hobby.

No Hope In Non-Compliant Jurisdictions

 "Do Not Comply With The Curfew" --- the signs posted in windows at business places in California and elsewhere scream.

"No government is going to tell me that I cannot leave my house!" screams some mindless right wing idiot.

I never thought I would live to see the day when a killer pandemic is raging uncontrolled across the entirety of the country and citizens and police and business people are doing everything in their power to keep people from obeying the very measures designed to save their lives.

It's almost as if some of those agencies want to see people die from the virus!

We know that masks and curfews and social distancing and handwashing have been proven to slow the spread of the virus yet there are millions of people who absolutely refuse to do any of it and that puts them at risk and it puts their loved ones at risk and it puts their friends and neighbors at risk --- but they just do not seem to give a damned who they put at risk.

So the dying goes on .... the dying goes on and gets worse with each passing day .... mostly because a bunch of dumb assed idiots refuse to do the right thing to keep themselves and everybody else safe.

There are police departments and sheriff departments who have declared that they are not going to enforce any of these mandates and safety measures but they are going to depend on the "Honor System" and allow a bunch of complete idiots who have neither honor nor scruple ... nor probably the least bit of practical common sense and education to do the right thing?

That is not what taxpayers are shelling out their money to these police agencies for.  Those police agencies are supposed to be there to enforce the laws and to do whatever is necessary to protect the citizens .... so now a bunch of them are not going to enforce the safety rules being mandated by the governors of their states ... that is totally egregious!

If you live in a covid-19 hot zone, I believe that you are totally on your own when it comes to protecting yourself and your loved ones ... and that you aren't going to get one god damned bit of real protection from those you elected to government offices.

Friday, November 20, 2020

Message To Frontline Health Workers

 You have been on the air and in the press lamenting the lack of personal protective equipment, your egregiously-long and pressure-filled schedules, and the lack of local support in your fight to save lives from the raging pandemic .... and you have every right to complain, to whine, to beg, to plead ... but it isn't going to do you a damned bit of good ...

Because there are too many self-entitled arrogant bastards and bastardresses out there who will always refuse to wear their masks in public, do their social distancing, wash their hands often ...abide by curfews, etc., etc., etc... too damned many of them .... enough of them to keep the pandemic spiking well beyond "The Purple" stage of infections!

Your local governments are passing curfews and mask mandates that are nothing more than "Requests" for people to abide by them ... but there is no enforcement... no teeth in those mandates ... all of the are on the honor system ... and there are enough scummy assed self-righteous, individualists out there screaming about their rights ... there are enough of them that nothing is ever going to change until the National Guard or the Army hits the streets, bayonets drawn, to make sure that those safety measures are obeyed .... and in our fucked up, disoriented, divided government, that isn't about to happen ...

So -- good luck with your problem.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Yes, Trump Can Still Steal The Election

 Strictly Political Opinion
By John Liming
Blog Author

Americans must not become relaxed and start believing that Trump cannot steal the election away from Joe Biden because he most definitely can and probably wii if he can get away with it --- and there are disturbing flaws in our system that would let him get away with it!

QUOTE  --- "This fallback plan for Trump is the recently much-vaunted but now almost universally dismissed Electoral College strategy, which I call "Plan B" since it effectively aborts the democratic will of the people and more than 200 years of democratic consolidation in one fell swoop. Plan B involves state legislatures overriding the popular vote and choosing their own slates of electors to be substituted for the actual will of the voters in the actual election. People are usually shocked when they hear that state legislatures might be able to do this, but some legislatures did it in the early days of the republic, and in a concurring opinion on the 2000 Bush v. Gore decision, three Supreme Court justices, including Clarence Thomas, affirmed the validity of the concept...."UNQUOTE

Reference for the above qotation is SALON.

This may be one of the reasons that Trump's organization is filing all those lawsuits to try and get vote count certifications stopped or thrown out.  Maybe that is the reason he has been calling people involved in the election process to the White House for face to face meetings.  Maybe such a horrific travesty of the democratic system in The United States is already in the works and the planning stage.

What is YOUR opinion of what might happen in America if the Trumpkyeyets were able to pull this kind of a coup off?